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Geography Fun #2 – Seasons of the World

This is a fun activity. You can adjust its complexity based on your child’s level and/or understand.

The equator is the imaginary line that runs around the middle of planet Earth. The Northern Hemisphere is that part of the planet to the north (above) of the equator, and the Southern Hemisphere is the part of the planet to the south (below) the equator.

Did you know that, for the most part, it gets warmer the closer you are to the earth’s equator, and cooler the closer you get the the earth’s poles (the north pole – in the Northern Hemisphere – and the south pole – in the Southern Hemisphere)?

Do you know what the four basic seasons on planet earth? (Answer: Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn, Winter)

Do you know why we have different seasons of the year? (the rotation around the sun and the distance of our planet to the sun at different times of the year)

Did you know that not everyone is in the same season at the same time?

1. Find out about the seasons in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

2. When is summer in the USA?

3. When is summer in Australian?

4. What clothes would you bring if you were visiting friends in Chile or Peru in July?

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Seasons Unit Study


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