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International Games:
Bamboo Bottle Cap Bounce - Brazil Unit

This is the first in a series of articles on integrating children’s games into your lesson plans and/or unit studies. The name of this game is Bamboo Bottle Cap Bounce and can be played with everyday items found around the house.


12 to 18 inch dowel that is approximately the thickness of a broomstick or bamboo pole (or, for authenticity, you could use a bamboo pole if you have one)

10 soft-drink bottle caps

5 pennies (or similar coins)


1. Stand the dowel or bamboo rod upright in dirt or sand.

2. Draw a six-inch circle around the base of the dowel.

3. Carefully place a bottle cap on the top of the dowel.

4. Players stand five feet away from the dowel and try to knock the bottle cap off with a penny.

5. If the bottle cap falls outside the small circle, one point is scored. If it falls inside the circle, or is missed, it is the next players turn.

6. The player reaching ten (or whatever number of points you set) first wins.

A Unit Study on Brazil


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