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International Games:
Silence is Golden - Egypt Unit

This games requires no materials, just participants. Its great for a group setting or even a just a couple of children. Iíve even had them play this in the van Ö but sitting in a circle is much easier. Its also easy on the ears!




1. Arrange the children into a circle.

2. Choose a pharaoh (king).

3. The pharaoh lightly tickles the next player on the left and so on around the circle.

4. When the action is all around the circle, the pharaoh starts a new action.

5. This continues until someone makes a sound, then that person is out.

6. Continue this until only one person is left as the winner.

The pharaoh can be counted out if he or she makes a sound, but they are still the player that initiates the beginning of each action as it goes around the cirle.

If you have enough players, you could break into two or more groups, the winner from each group would then compete against one another to see who would be the ultimate champion of silence.


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