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Modeling the Brain

Modeling the Brain is a wonderful website!! The projects are fun, relatively easy, but still impart the important principles of the anatomy lesson.

The projects on this site are:

Make a Neuron
Beady Neruon (like a "Bead Buddy" project)
Pipe Cleaner Neuron
String Neuron
Rope Neuron
Neuron Costume
Neuron in a Bag: An Edible Project
Simple Neuron Project
Model a Brain
Jello Brain: An Edible Project
Make the Bones of the Spinal Column
Color a Brain (Coloring Page)
and many, many, more.

There are several craft-type projects that illustrate the complexity of the brain and how it operates.

In addition to the projects on the brain itself, there are several links and projects on the five senses.


And a page on how the senses work together.

On the Experiments and Activities page, there are even more options for incorporating fun activities into your study.
You can play indoor or outdoor games.
There are worksheets and writing projects.
Sleeping and Dreaming.
Brain Injuries.
And several other activities as well.

All in all, despite some of the simplistic graphics, I give this website a five star rating for fun and educational value.


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