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Make a Nature Folder

A nature folder can be a real boon to your studies. This can be used with any subject and is not limited to a classroom type setting Ö in fact, itís a very portable part of your day that isnít limited to any particular location or schedule.

This is a fun way to encourage scientific exploration and writing and is often identified with such method as the Charlotte Mason approach to education. You can use a nature folder to store songs, notes, drawings, data sheets, etc. Nature Folders are a creative way of adding to a journal or portfolio.

Also, this could be viewed as a recycling project as you are reusing a common, brown, paper grocery bag. My suggestion is to try and use the sturdy ones and not the very thin ones as they will not hold up as well, even being converted to double thickness.


brown paper grocery bag
art supplies (markers, crayon, etc.)


1. Take the grocery bag and unfold the bottom by carefully tearing it open.

2. Flatten the bag with the store name or logo facing up. If you are really fanatically (grin) you can iron the paper flat with a slightly warm iron Ö this requires adult supervision.

3. Pull the sides of the flattened bag out so that one side is now part of the front and the other side is now part of the back.

4. Cut off the bottom of the bag at the last fold.

5. Glue the top edges of the bag together.

6. Gluethe bottom edges of the bag together as well.

7. Lay the ruler from the top of the folder towards the bottom (it will not reach all of the way), then, fold the bottom edge up to where the ruler ends.

8. Glue the side edges of the bottom flap to make pockets for papers. Let the glue dries (5 minutes or so). Fold it in half.

You can now decorate your folder. Use your imagination Ö this is a pretty sturdy folder.


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