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Chocolate Math

Here’s a cute idea for using Hershey bars for teaching fractions! Sent in by homeschooling mom Kathi Rodgers. I’ve added links to other chocolate-y sites as well.

My favorite fractions game: (now, smile when you read this!)

How many squares are there in this Hershey bar? 12? Yes! Now, if Mommy takes two squares, how many are left? 10! Yes! That means there are 10 pieces of the 12 left, doesn't it? That's 10/12. Mommy has two pieces of the 12, so that's 2/12.

Now, let's put them back together again. See? 12 pieces of the 12 pieces. That's 12 over 12, or 12/12, or a whole. When the top number is the same as the bottom number, it means a whole, or 1.

Now, watch Mommy eat 6 of the squares. How many are left? 6... yes, there are 6/12 left. Now you can eat one square. Now there are 5/12 left. Mommy eats 3 more, so there are 2/12 left. You eat one, and Mommy will eat one.... how many now?!

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