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Celebrating Independence Day:
Finger Paints

This project is easy and fun for kids of all ages! Celebrate Independence Day by making a fireworks finger painting.


red, white and blue tempera paint
small bowls to hold paint
black construction paper

Warning -- finger painting can be very messy. Put on an apron, smock, or old clothing BEFORE you start painting!


1. Dip just one finger in a color of tempera paint.

2. Make "firework shapes" on the paper by placing your finger down on the paper, lifting it up, and slowly moving in a circle.

3. Keep on making more fireworks shapes with different colors of paint until you've lit up your paper with paint.

4. Sprinkle glitter on the wet paint to make your fireworks really sparkle.

5. If you want to make your artwork really special, try making it into a holiday placemat.


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