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How to Grow a Ginger Plant

Ginger plants are very easy to start using a ginger root that you buy at the grocery or health food store. They need to be fresh roots, or your plant might wind up sickly Ö if it will grow at all. Blooms of the Ginger plant are very fragrant and lovely.


1. First, purchase a ginger root from your grocery or local health food store. Make sure that they root is fresh and not wilted.

2. After you get the root home, take wooden picks, and suspend a 2-inch piece of ginger root horizontally across the top of a glass.

3. Fill with water until the bottom third of the root is submerged.

4. When roots are 1 inch long, plant in soil just below the surface.

5. Place in a northern light.

6. Slender stems and leaves will appear.

7. Watch the plant to see if it needs repotting or watering. You donít want to let the soil get either too dry or too damp. Too dry and the foliage will die, too damp and the root will rot.


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