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Celebrating Christmas:
Homemade Gum Drops

The original recipe came from a 1928 Cookbook.

This is a really fun science project. Put each individual ingredient in a container and label it with a number or letter instead of with the name of the item.


4 T. Ingredient "A" (Gelatine - used dried package)
3 cups ingredient "B" (Fruit Juice, any flavor)
1 cup Cold H2O (Water)
2 cups ingredient "C" (Sugar)
3 to 4 drops ingredient "D" (peppermint oil or other flavoring oil)
Ingredient "E" (Food coloring to match flavor -- red for peppermint, yellow for lemon.....etc.)


1. Soak Ingredient "A" in the cold H20 for 5 minutes.

2. Stir in Boiling Ingredient "B". Stir constantly.

3. Add Ingredients "D" and "E".

4. Turn into tins or molds and let set overnight.

5. Next morning, cut into squares and roll in Ingredient "C".

6. Let stand two days to crystalize.


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