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Easy Tie Dye

For simplicity's sake, you could use one color per garment, but you can also use multiple colors. You can also use colored garments and use a contrasting dye color to achieve the some interesting results.


various colors of fabric dye (available in the housewares department)*
rubber bands
rubber gloves
tap water
garments such as t-shirts, cotton shorts, old jeans, etc.


Begin by rubberbanding your garment according to the design you wish to achieve. See the pictures below followed by the method in which to reach that result.

Prepare dye according to package directions. Be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands! Dye can be just as damaging as bleach to your unprotected skin. Please take the proper safety precautions recommended.

Once your garment is ready, place in the dye for at least 15-20 minutes. The longer the garment remains in the dye, the darker and deeper the color will become. Remove from the dye and rinse according to package directions, usually in cold running water. Ring out garment until water runs clear.

Carefully remove rubber bands and marbles to reveal your new design! No design will be the same as another and different effects can be reached by combining the different methods mentioned above.

*You can also use natural dyes:
Onion Skin Dye
Cranberry Dye
Grape Juice Dye
Blueberry Dye
Purple Cabbage Dye
Spinach Dye
Beet Dye
Walnut Shell Dye
Marigold Dye
Mustard Dye
Coffee Dye
Tea Dye


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