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Investigative Report:
Exploring Ancient Israel

Ancient Israel is one of the important era’s covered when studying the beginning of civilization and ancient history. Here’s a fun activity where you pretend to be an investigative reporter doing research for a story.

For this activity you need to imagine you are a reporter working for a big, investigative newspaper. Using breakthrough technology, you have traveled back in time to ancient Israel. You can do all or just one of the following:

1. You interview Abram/Abraham about his journey from Mesopotamia to Canaan.

[Use books, encyclopedias, or other resources to help you write the interview. Draw a map of Abraham’s route to go along with the news story. Label the map with places that he and his family may have stopped to rest and/or resupply and/or trade with the local peoples.]

2. You interview someone that traveled out of Egypt with Moses.

[Again, you can use other resources to help you write the interview and the answers to your questions. A variation on this would be to travel back in time at different points in your interviewee’s time with Moses to see how the answer to your questions might change.]

3. You are investigating the political and religious motivations for splitting the Jewish nation into the kingdom of Israel and the kingdom of Judah.

[Draw maps to include with your investigative report labeling the territories of each kingdom and several cities/landmarks within each kingdom. You might want to gather the list of kings of each kingdom and the years of their reign’s.]


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