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Christmas Crafts for the Animals

When working on your holiday decorations, don't forget your outdoor animal friends. These are lovely activities for the children and will draw animals for them to look at closer to the windows on cold winter days.

1. Make a pinecone bird feeder to share the Spirit of Christmas with Godís Creatures outside.

2. Make an animalsí Christmas tree by stringing popcorn, stale bread, etc. and hanging outside.

3. If you have a local pond, ask if you may take some appropriate fish food to sprinkle on the water. Always have adult supervision around water.

4. Find out what kind of food your local birds like. Keep a bird feeder filled for your feathery friends who winter over near your home.

5. Ask your local humane society if they accept donations of doggy bisuits or kitty treats at the holidays.

6. Why not make a Christmas card for a police or firehouse dog saying you appreciate the work they do.

How many other ways can you think of including your pets or other animals into your Christmas celebration?


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