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'Make An Art Book' by Donna Godfrey

Donna Godfrey is an experienced and creative homeschooling mom with lots of neat ideas. In her own words, she homeschools mostly from the ‘net and loves to pass ideas along. This is a great one and easy to implement with all age groups.

The Art Book is a special series of lessons from Maryanne Messier, a teacher from Janesville Wisconsin. You can find one of her wonderful ideas at http://www.kinderart.com/artbook/ which was the inspiration for the following lesson.

Here is how Ms. Godfrey implemented this idea:

This really is more of an "art appreciation" book. By choosing 1 artist at a time, picking about 4-6 prints from this artist(which could be done through the library), it begins.

Have the children just observe the work of the artist in the different prints. Let them look at it, put it away and have them draw what they remember. You would be surprised what they will come up with. Then while the child looks at the print, they could use paints to paint their own version of the painting.

Also, read a few children’s easy, non-fiction books or articles on the artist and draw and paint the country where the artist is from. Or paint the flag of their country.

Just a few ideas to help the children become more aware and appreciate the art itself and the artist becomes more real with the stories.

Put copied prints of the artist, your childs drawings and paintings in sheet protectors in a 3 ring binder. You can add to it every year, or each summer or how often you want. Your child will have a nice little Art Appreciation Book to look at.


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