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Sidewalk Chalk

This is sidewalk chalk made from Plaster of Paris. At the bottom of this, I also have links to sidewalk chalk made from egg shells and sidewalk "paint" made from cornstarch. Have fun!


3/4 cup warm water
Toilet tissue tubes
1 1/2 cups plaster of Paris
2 to 3 tablespoons powdered Tempera paints
Container for mixing

Cover one end of tissue tube with duct tape or electrical tape. Place a loosely rolled piece of wax paper into the tube to create a liner to keep the plaster from sticking to the paper of the tube.

Pour water into mixing container then sprinkle plaster, a little at a time, into the water until plaster no longer dissolves (approximately 1 1/2 cups). Stir thoroughly to get any lumps out. Mix in 2 to 3 tablespoons Tempera paint. If you use a powdered tempera paint, you may need to add a little (very little) more water. Liquid tempera paint may require a little less water.

Place tubes sealed end down on a flat surface. Pour plaster mix in. Tap side of tube to release any air bubbles that might have formed.

Let dry 1 to 2 days. Pull off mold and have fun drawing!

IMPORTANT!! Plaster of Paris is BAD NEWS for indoor plumbing and pipes!! Be sure to rinse container and spoon outside or in a container of water to avoid clogging things up. Plaster of Paris will harden even under water. That is why they used to use it for bridge pillars and boat docks/ramps.

Try these variations out:

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