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How to Make Colored Rice or Pasta Shapes for Crafts

These are very simple instructions for coloring your own rice or pasta to use with craft activities. The smell of the rubbing alcohol isnít that great until things dry, but its much better than spending good money on the small, expensive packages of this at the craft store!

Buy simple rubbing alcohol at your local discount store. At Walmart, for example, I can usually find containers on sale for two or three for a dollar.

Buy cheap pasta shapes or rice. Or, use the pasta or rice that has had weevils in it. Youíre not eating it after all.

Cover rice or pasta shapes with rubbing alcohol. Its best to do this in a non-metal container.

Add food coloring until you get the desired shade you want.

Let set for awhile, and this could be a long while depending on the shade of color you want the rice or pasta shapes to have.

When desired color is reached spread rice or pasta shapes out on waxed paper until dry.

The alcohol evaporates and the smell should go away.

Make sure that the rice or pasta shapes are completely dried out again before you store them!


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