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Homeschool Float Project
by Sandi Alcantara

This project came about from my daughter's love of crafts! So instead of writing a report as her older brothers have done she and I came up with a float idea. Your float can be as creative as you make it out to be!

We used a shoe box but any box of any size will do. We covered her box with construction paper and drew some Indian art work into it as well as "cowboy" things. Her state for the moment was Arizona. My daughter read some information on the state of Arizona and then picked out her favorite items to highlight on the float. Some items that we made were the Grand Canyon, Sedona Mountains, the rivers that run through the state, the capital building and the obvious state bird, tree, emblem etc.

The fun part was creating everything! We used sand for the ground, we made pine trees to cover the northern part of our state, fun foam for cactus with toothpicks as the thorns, stiffened muslin for the teepees, red clay for the Sedona Mountains, our state flag was made from fabric. As you can see you can be very creative as you make your state. A younger child might have fun coloring certain items for their float and then gluing them onto the float, an older child really has no limits as to how they can create their float.

My daughter really enjoyed this project and learned so much from it as well, it was also fun for the older boys to "see" the objects, made the lesson a lot of fun.


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