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International Games:
Ampe (Ghana)

This game comes from Ghana. It is a game that helps with coordination and agility. (Great for P.E.)

Number of Players : 10-12 children
Recommended ages: 8-12

How to Play

1. Choose one player to be the leader, and the others stand in a semicircle, with the leader facing the player at either end of the group.

2. The leader and the player both clap hands. Then they jump in place at the same time. Then they jump and thrust one foot forward.

3. If the two have put the same foot forward, the leader is out and the player takes her place. If they have thrust a different feet forward, the leader moves to the next player and the same routine begins.

4. A point is scored every time the leader is successful. Every player takes a turn as a leader. The one who scores the most points wins.


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