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Have a Red Day!

Wondering how to teach your children their colors without the boring monotony of using color squares over and over until you both would rather be color blind? In this series of articles, I will make suggestions on making colors fun and interesting for both of you! Today’s article is on the color RED.


Fun and food often go hand in hand, and this can be especially true when teaching colors. Foods that you could use on your “Red Day” are:

Red Jello
Cranberries or cranberry juice
Fruit punch
Red, sugar-free lollipops

However, a note … some children (and adults) are extra sensitive to certain food dyes, especially red food dyes. If this is the case with any of your children, or you just want to stay on the safe side, stick with the natural sources of the color red.

Apple Smiles: Take 2 slices from a red apple (lips) & spread peanut butter on each slice. Put miniature marshmallows (teetch) on top of the peanut butter in a row near the skin side of the slice. Place the other slice on top with skin side showing, & you have an apple smile snack.

Make homemade fruit roll-ups using red fruit

Make Sun-Baked Apples in a Solar Oven

Make apple butter

Make a red homemade fruit sherbet. You could add food coloring to make the sherbet color more vibrant if you wish.

Make a yummy Apple Gingerbread Cobbler

Make homemade applesauce

Make apple catsup


Who Said Red?
Red Is Best
Clifford, the Big Red Dog

Arts and Crafts:

Make stained glass hearts by cutting out heart shaped frames from two squares of construction paper. Glue red cellophane or tissue paper between the frames and hang the hears in a window.

Make cherry trees: Draw a tree outline and let the children either use their fingertip to add red cherries or use small circles made from a hole punch.

Strawberry Puzzle: Cut out and laminate 5 or 6 strawberry shapes from red paper. Cut each into 2 piece puzzles using different curves and angles. Invite the children to put together the red strawberry halves.

Red Collage: Glue a red thing collage on red paper. Invite children to bring red things from home to glue on to a red collage. You'll need to have some things available too like, red fabric scraps, red yarn, red buttons, red paper, red tissue paper, red cotton balls, red milk jug caps, red confetti, red paint chip samples from the hardware store, etc.

Wear Red Day: Wear as much red as possible, and get some theatrical makeup and paint everyone's face red.

Take a red walk and look for red objects. They could even take a small tablet and red crayon (similar to “Blues Clues” television show) and make a note/picture of each red object they find.

Apple Prints: Do you have the story about the Star in the Apple? It is good to use and later you can make apple star prints.

Art: Put red paint (or fingerpaints) in a painting center or easel. Or, provide crayons, markers, chalk, pencils, etc. in the color of the day so they can create interesting, monochromatic (single color) pictures.

Make red Eggshell Chalk

Make shrunken apple heads

Make red soap crayons

Make red, environmentally friendly sidewalk paint

Make red scratch-n-sniff watercolors

Turn any picture or cut-out into a homemade sticker

Make inexpensive, red oily soap paint

Using rose petals, make this easy fragrant science experiment

Sand pictures: first, allow the child to use Elmer’s glue (or some other similar craft glue) to “paint” a picture onto a piece of paper. Then shake some colored sand over the picture. Gently shake the excess sand back into a storage container and allow the picture to dry. You could to the same thing with red glitter if you chose.

Bubble pictures: Pour about ¼ cup of dishwashing liquid into a container such as a clean, empty cottage cheese container. Add small amounts of water and tempera paint until the color is intense. Place a drinking straw into the pain mixture and blow carefully until the bubbles start to overflow. Gently place a piece of paper over the bubbles, then lift carefully. The broken bubbles leave a pretty design on the paper.

Lipstick picture: You can usually find some cheap, red lipstick at the local discount store. Use the lipstick like soft crayons. Watch out though, some of that cheap lipstick will stain clothing!

Red balloons: Thin out Elmer’s glue (or similar craft glue) with water. Blow up a balloon. Dip colored yarn into the glue mixture and then wrap it around the balloon until the balloon is covered. Let it dry. Pop the balloon and carefully remove from you creation. You can hang this yarn balloon from the ceiling like a Chinese lantern.

Coloring Pages:

Apple Basket
Apple Slice
Candy Apple

Other Activities:

(Tune: Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah)
Red is the color of Apples.
Red is the color of Cherries, too.
Red is the color of a fire truck.
I like red don't you?

(Tune: Are You Sleeping?)
That spells red
That spells red
Apples are that color
Strawberries are that color

Apple Theme Activities

Take a virtual fieldtrip to the Jelly Belly Jellybean Factory while you have eat red jelly beans. This is fun!

Gather plenty of color-specific ideas from The Crayola Crayon Factory

For the color red, you could also talk about the Red Cross and or First Aid, both of whom use a red “x” as their symbol.

Play active games with a red balloon or red ball.


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