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Have a Yellow Day!

Wondering how to teach your children their colors without the boring monotony of using color squares over and over until you both would rather be color blind? In this series of articles, I will make suggestions on making colors fun and interesting for both of you! Today’s article is on the color YELLOW.


Fun and food often go hand in hand, this can be especially true when teaching colors. Foods that you could use on your “Yellow Day” are:

Pineapple Juice
Hard-boiled or deviled eggs
Scrambled eggs
Yellow Jello
Yellow taffy
Yellow lollipops
Plain yellow cake

However, a note … some children (and adults) are extra sensitive to certain food dyes. If this is the case with any of your children, or you just want to stay on the safe side, stick with the natural sources of the color yellow.

Make homemade fruit roll-ups using yellow fruit

Make a yellow homemade fruit sherbet. You could add food coloring to make the sherbet color more vibrant if you wish.


Hello Yellow

Arts and Crafts:

Sun Mobiles: Paint a paper plate yellow. Decorate it with yellow collage materials such as construction paper scraps, circle stickers, macaroni, yarn, rick rack, etc.

Yellow Collage: Glue a yellow thing collage on yellow paper. Invite children to bring yellow things from home to glue on to a yellow collage. You'll need to have some things available too like, yellow fabric scraps, yellow yarn, yellow buttons, yellow paper, yellow tissue paper, yellow cotton balls, yellow milk jug caps, yellow confetti, yellow paint chip samples from the hardware store, etc.

Make yellow colored playdough

Wear Yellow Day: Wear as much yellow as possible, and get some theatrical makeup and paint everyone's face yellow.

Take a yellow walk and look for yellow objects. They could even take a small tablet and yellow crayon (similar to “Blues Clues” television show) and make a note/picture of each yellow object they find.

Art: Put yellow paint (or fingerpaints) in a painting center or easel. Or, provide crayons, markers, chalk, pencils, etc. in the color of the day so they can create interesting, monochromatic (single color) pictures.

Make yellow Eggshell Chalk

Make yellow soap crayons

Make yellow, environmentally friendly sidewalk paint

Make yellow scratch-n-sniff watercolors

Turn any picture or cut-out into a homemade sticker

Make inexpensive, yellow oily soap paint

Sand pictures: first, allow the child to use Elmer’s glue (or some other similar craft glue) to “paint” a picture onto a piece of paper. Then shake some colored sand over the picture. Gently shake the excess sand back into a storage container and allow the picture to dry. You could to the same thing with yellow or gold glitter if you chose.

Bubble pictures: Pour about 1/4 cup of dishwashing liquid into a container such as a clean, empty cottage cheese container. Add small amounts of water and tempera paint until the color is intense. Place a drinking straw into the pain mixture and blow carefully until the bubbles start to overflow. Gently place a piece of paper over the bubbles, then lift carefully. The broken bubbles leave a pretty design on the paper.

Yellow balloons: Thin out Elmer’s glue (or similar craft glue) with water. Blow up a balloon. Dip colored yarn into the glue mixture and then wrap it around the balloon until the balloon is covered. Let it dry. Pop the balloon and carefully remove from you creation. You can hang this yarn balloon from the ceiling like a Chinese lantern.

Yellow Necklaces: Make necklaces out of dyed wagon wheel pasta (yellow food coloring and rubbing alcohol mixed with the pasta - mix in large Ziploc bag and allow to dry on a garbage bag overnight). The children use tipped yarn and thread on the yellow wagon wheels (they are a perfect size for the yarn).

Fruit Prints: Cut a yellow lemon in half. Squeeze out the juice. Dip the lemon into yellow tempera paint and make a print on white paper. Use the prints as gift wrap or greeting cards.

Color Cubes: After filling the ice cube tray with water, add drops of red, yellow and blue the compartments. After they are frozen, place a red cube and two yellow cubes in a glass. As the cubes melt watch what happens! Do the same for yellow and blue and red and blue. It is fun to watch the ice melt and change into another color.

COLORED CRYSTALS: For each child mix 1 tablespoon Epson salts and 1 tablespoon water in a baby food jar or a clear plastic glass. Then stir in 1/4 teaspoon of the desired food coloring. Have the children observe over the next few days as the water evaporates and small crystals begin to form. Keep a magnifying glass handy for closer examination. Hint: For the best results do not use yellow.

GLITTER SPARKLE BOTTLES: Remove the label from a clean, clear 16 oz. plastic soda bottle. Pour at least 1/2 cup of light corn syrup into the bottle. Then add a few drops of food coloring and some glitter and/or confetti. Hot glue the lid onto the bottle. Have the children swirl and shake the bottle and watch it's movement. Use a certain color--or a rainbow of colors!

Other Activities:

Take a virtual fieldtrip to the Jelly Belly Jellybean Factory while you have eat yellow or lemon-flavored jelly beans. This is fun!

Gather plenty of color-specific ideas from The Crayola Crayon Factory

Play active games with a yellow balloon or yellow ball.

COLOR HOP (tune of Old McDonald)
I see something that is_____[color].
Do you see it too?
I see something that is [same color].
HOP there if you do.
With a hop, hop here,
And a hop, hop there. Hurry up! Hop it up!
Hop as fast as you dare.
I see something that is [color].
Do you see it too?

COLOR SONG (Tune: If you're Happy and You Know It)
If there's yellow on your shoes stand up quick,
If there's yellow on your shoes stand up quick.
If there's yellow on your shoes,
If there's yellow on your shoes,
If there's yellow on your shoes stand up quick!

Of course you can change the article of clothing and the action you do to extend the song or to include others that have yellow somewhere else.)

Color Game
Give each child a man shaped in one of the following colors red, blue, green, or yellow. Have the children listen for their color and move the man accordingly.
Red, green, blue, and yellow:
These are the color fellows.
Hold yours up when you hear it's name.
It's time to play the color game.
Red, Red, move so high.
Reach and try to touch the sky.
Green, Green, move round and round.
Circle up and down.
Blue, Blue, move left and right.
Move until you're out of sight.
Yellow, Yellow, move front and back.
Keep on moving. Stay on track.
Our color game is almost done.
Let's play again: oh what fun!

Twinkle, Twinkle, Yellow Star...
Twinkle, twinkle, yellow star,
How I wonder what you are.
Let's go looking here and there,
Let's go looking everywhere.
Twinkle, twinkle, yellow star,
How I wonder where you are.

Yellow... (tune: Baa, Baa Black Sheep)
Yellow Yellow is the sun
Shining down on everyone
Y-e-l-l-o-w, Y-e-l-l-o-w
Yellow, yellow is the sun
Shine on me so I can have fun.


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