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Ancient Greek Timeline and Activities

Here is a rough outline of ancient Greek civilization. To go along with the timeline, there are some suggested activities that have a high fun potential.

about 3000 to 1450 B.C. Minoan Civilization

about 1600 to 1200 B.C. Mycenean Civilization

about 1200 to 800 B.C. Dark Age of this area

about 800 B.C. Homer composes the Iliad and the Odyssey

about 800 to 500 B.C. Archaic Period

776 B.C. first Olympic games

about 600 B.C. Greeks start using coins

534 B.C. Thespis wins the first drama competition in Athens

490 to 479 B.C. Greek city-states join forces to defeat Persia

479 to 431 B.C. great strides in government, mathematics, science, philosophy, and the arts

461 to 429 B.C. Pericles is a leading stateman in Athens

about 460 B.C. Hippocrates is born

447 to 432 B.C. the Parthenon is built

431 to 404 B.C. Sparta defeats Athens in the Peloponnesian War

338 B.C. Philipp II of Macedonia conquers Greece

334 to 326 B.C. Alexander the Great conquers the Persian Empire

323 to 146 B.C. Hellenistic Age

146 B.C. Rome conquers Greece


1. Pretend you are a newspaper reporter. Research one of the events on the timeline and then write a newspaper article as if the event had just happened. Include a headline and a picture with a caption.

2. Create a game out of the timeline. Take 10 index cards and write 10 different events from the timeline on the cards. Give the cards to someone else and see if they can put them in the correct order.

3. Choose one of the following topics: Famous Greeks, The Persian Wars, The Golden Age, or The Rise of Alexander the Great. Make a more detailed timeline displaying at least 6 more major events or people than the one above.

4. Do more detailed research on the different time periods covered on the timeline. Add more details for the Minoans, the Myceneans, the Dark Age, the Archaic Period, and the Golden Age.

5. Research the various leaders and important figures of the ancient Greek civilization and include details of their lives on the timeline.


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