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International Games: Da Ga (Ghana)

Number of Players: 12 to 20 children
Recommended ages: 8-12 years old

Origin: This game is from Ghana. Da Ga means "boa constrictor" which is found rarely in the United States.

How to Play:

1. Make an area about 10 feet square on the ground. This is called the " Home of the Snake".

2. Choose one player to stand inside the "Home of the Snake." All the other players should surround this person.

3. The first player reaches out and tries to touch any of the players. If touched, that player joins the player on the inside. The two hold hands and and then reach out (using only the free hand) to try and touch the other players.

4. The remaining players must stay close to the outside of the home of the snake. While they are on the outside, they can sing, dance, or skip to avoid the players in the circle.

5. The last player left begins to form a new snake in the next game.


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