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International Games:
Wan, Tu, Zum (Malaysia)

Number of Players: 2 or more players

How to Play:

1. This game is similar to another game called Rock, Paper, Scissors.

2. The signs are:

o Bird-all five fingers bunched together at the fingertips
o Rock- clenched fist
o Pistol-outstreched thumb and index finger
o Plank-palm facing down with fingers together
o Water- palm facing up with fingers together

3. As with Rock, Paper, Scissors, the players say 'Bird, Rock, Pistol, Plank, Water' and then make one of the five signs. The following shows what beats what.

o Bird beats plank and water
o Rock beats bird, plank, & water
o Pistol beats everything except for water
o Plank beats bird and water
o Water beats everything except Bird and plank.


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