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Backpack Tags

You can create unique tags for your backpack, lunchbox, umbrella, or even your coat by shrinking old Styrofoam meat trays! This would be a great art activity or a recycling activity. This activity does need parental supervision because you are using an oven. This is also a good activity for groups such as co-ops and scouts.


Styrofoam meat trays
Permanent markers or colored pencils
Other craft markers such as Rubber stamps and stamp pads, optional
Key rings or lanyard hooks


1. Using markers or colored pencils, write name, and other pertinent information on the Styrofoam tray. This makes it easy for lost possessions to be returned to the child.

2. Use rubber stamps to apply a design on the Styrofoam tray. Color in the design with markers or colored pencils. Use markers or colored pencils to create an original design.

3. Cut out design using scissors or exacto knife. Using a hole punch, punch a hole in one end of the Styrofoam tray shape. Then using the hole punch, punch the hole a few times around the first hole to make it bigger because it shrinks a LOT!

4. Follow the directions for baking the designs.

5. Hang on key ring or lanyard hook, then attach to backpack or other items.

Note: Remember that the Styrofoam shrinks to about a third of original size. This means that if you are making matching items (for example, earrings), you would want to lay them out on the plastic in the same direction. You can also make new tags for different holidays, seasons, or celebrations.


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