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Mixed-Up Mammals

by Michael Oksa

(originally published on March 15, 2001)

With over 4,000 varieties, mammals are the dominant species on our planet. How many of these mixed-up mammals can you figure out? The answers are at the bottom of the page, you may have to scroll down to see them. Remember, the number of words in a puzzle does not always match the answer (ignore any punctuation,also). EXAMPLE: the ache = cheetah

1) the plane

2) old pear

3) salty pup

4) private MBA

5) Throw a "G".

6) tip-up shampoo

7) red bag

8) Adam Ant in Levis.

9) wine lover

10) log rail

11) Cry "baa", Pa.

12) upper coin

13) fig fear

14) his coroner

15) I'm a dollar.



1) elephant

2) leopard

3) platypus

4) vampire bat

5) warthog

6) hippopotamus

7) badger

8) Tasmanian devil

9) wolverine

10) gorilla

11) capybara

12) porcupine

13) giraffe

14) rhinoceros

15) armadillo

How many were you able to get? Just look at the chart below to see how you compare.

15-13 correct: Zookeeper material!
12-10 correct: Mammalian maven.
9-7 correct : Good job.
6-4 correct : You need to brush up a bit.
3-1 correct : Better luck next time.
0 correct : Guess who gets to clean out the cages?


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