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Mixed Vegetables

by Michael Oksa

(originally published November 7, 2000)

Some people like vegetables, some do not. Either type will enjoy unscrambling these mixed-up words. Remember the number of words in a puzzle does not always indicate the number of words in the answer. For example: bevel gate = vegetable. Answers are at the bottom of the page. You may need to scroll down to see them. Dig in and enjoy!

1) cool crib

2) our claw file

3) soap tote

4) ace bag b

5) tee cult

6) eel cry

7) crumb cue

8) i noon

9) gang pelt

10) new corset

11) a sugar sap

12) arc rot

13) mink pup

14) rick tahoe

15) is hard


1) broccoli

2) cauliflower

3) potatoes

4) cabbage

5) lettuce

6) celery

7) cucumber

8) onion

9) eggplant

10) sweet corn

11) asparagus

12) carrot

13) pumpkin

14) artichoke

15) radish

How many did you get right?
15-13 right: Excellent!
12-10 right: Good job.
9-7 right: Fair
6-4 right: What?
3-0 right: Do you even know what a vegetable is?


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