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Mixed-Up U.S. Presidents: Part 2

by Michael Oksa

How many of these mixed-up U.S. Presidents can you figure out? Part 2 includes Presidents of the 20th century. The answers are at the bottom of the page, you may have to scroll down to see them. Remember, the number of words in a puzzle does not always match the answer (ignore any punctuation,also). EXAMPLE: Don John's nylon = Lyndon Johnson.

1) voodoo tree shelter

2) he grew bogus

3) I'm fat at will.

4) adrenal organ

5) solo window row

6) He bugs Gore.

7) Grand Rhine War

8) my metric jar

9) Can logic do evil?

10) red flag rod

11) throb over here

12) rid ox in ranch

13) servant in folklore

14) here's window eight

15) Ruth ran army


1) Theodore Roosevelt

2) George W. Bush

3) William Taft

4) Ronald Reagan

5) Woodrow Wilson

6) George Bush

7) Warren Harding

8) Jimmy Carter

9) Calvin Coolidge

10) Gerald Ford

11) Herbert Hoover

12) Richard Nixon

13) Franklin Roosevelt

14) Dwight Eisenhower

15) Harry Truman

How many were you able to get? Just look at the chart below to see how you compare.

15-13 correct: M.P. (Master of the Presidents)
12-10 correct: Vice Presidential material
9-7 correct : Good job
6-4 correct : You need to brush up a bit
3-1 correct : Better luck next time
0 correct : What were you thinking of anyway?


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