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Celebrating Christmas:
Christmas Pickles

5 lbs. lg. cucumbers, peeled & cored
2 c. lime to 2 gallons water
1 sm. jar (2 oz.) alum to 2 gallons water
1 sm. box powdered ginger to 2 gallons water
3 pts. vinegar to 3 pts. water
5 lbs. sugar
Spice & red or green cake coloring

Peel and core cucumbers. Cut into rings or strips. Soak 24 hours in lime water; wash. Soak 24 hours in alum water; wash. Soak 6 hours in ginger water. Pour off (do not wash). Soak 3 or 4 hours in water, sugar, vinegar (whole) cinnamon, (whole) cloves. Tie cloves in white cloth and put cinnamon in whole. Add cake coloring. Boil 1 hour. Put in jars.


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