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Game Time: Balloon Bust

Games are incredibly useful for lessons. Here's a game that is both fun and can be done as a theme.

This game is known as a "circle" or a "passive" game. It can be played in various settings and locations without much trouble.

Equipment: balloon with message inside


1. The players sit in a circle.

2. A balloon is passed around the circle.

3. Each player has to sit on the balloon with all their weight for 3 seconds.

4. If someone breaks the balloon, they must do what it says on the message. (ex, sing a song, bark like a dog, dance)

You can have the activities to be theme-related. For instance if you are doing a literature study, you can have them reinact actions of the various characters. You could also have them answer questions.

I did this to make math fun. Instead of using flash cards or pop quizzes, the balloons contained math problems that the children would solve as it was popped.


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