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Game Time: Colored Eggs

This is a group game that I've played with my kids and groups lots of times. Its a big hit. They can get real creative on the colors!


One player is chosen to be the Fox. One player is chosen to be the Hen. All the rest of the players are the colored eggs. The fox must stand far enough away from the hen and her eggs that he can't hear them. The hen assigns a color to each egg by whispering the color in their ear. The eggs line up facing the hen. The fox comes up behind the hen and acts like he is knocking on a door. The hen responds, "Who is it?" The fox replies, "It's the fox." The hen says, "What do you want?" The fox says, "Colored eggs." The hen says, "I haven't got any." At this point all the players who are eggs laugh loudly. The fox says, "I hear them laughing." "O.K." says the hen. "What color do you want." The fox begins to guess colors. When he guesses a color that is assigned to an egg the egg begins to run. If the fox catches the egg a new fox and a new hen are picked. If the fox doesn't catch the egg before it gets back to the hen he must guess another color and try to catch the next egg. However,before the fox can make his/her guess the fox must knock on the door each time and the conversation between fox and hen must be repeated each time.


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