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Game Time:
Escape From the Planet Of 'What'

This is an active game that is a real blast for the kids. Its very creative! Adjust the clues and instructions for the age level involved. You'll get asked to set this one up over and over!!


The game begins by giving each team a clue that will lead them to their spaceship. These can be anywhere. Once at their spaceship, the team finds a message for them either in a tape recorder or on a piece of paper explaining that their spaceship has malfunctioned and they have crashed on the Planet of "What". They have 40 minutes to follow the clues that will lead them to a new spaceship so that they will only be able to say "who", "what" and "where". Clues lead them from station to station where they have to perform a task (such as making up a national anthem for the planet, or crawling through a laser field). The final task is to build a spaceship out of any equipment available.


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