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Game Time: George

This is another fun game that I have played on many occasions with several different age groups. Its a great game for getting acquainted with new friends.

"George" can entertain groups for a good while.

To play this game everyone sits in a circle. Every one goes around the group and says their name. This allows everyone to learn everyone's name, in case they didn't already know. After the names are said the name stays with that seat/spot. George is "it". He can start it by saying a name of one person. Amy do you want to leave? Amy answers: no. George says, then who? Amy will take over and repeat it with another or the same name. Scott do you want to leave? Scott says: no. Amy says: then who? It continues until someone messes up. When some one messes up the person to the right of George gets up and the one who messed up goes in his place (the last postion) and everyone rotates up to where the person who messed up was sitting.

The trick is to remember when everyone moves, their name stays at that seat! It can get confusing to remember whose name goes with what seat. For younger ones, I've used index cards attached to where they are sitting, but they are only allowed to look at it twice. On the third time they have to look at the card, they have to be "George."

Its a good way to memorize everyone in the group's name and gets lots of giggles.


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