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International Games:
Jamaquack (Australia)

Jamaquack (active/circle)

Jamaquacks are rare birds from Australia. Being from down under, they always stand bent over, with their hands grasping their calves or ankles and shuffle along backward. They are nocturnal by preference, and when they are out in daylight, they always try to wander off somewhere.

Only a third of the players can be jamaquacks at a time. The rest must form a jamaquack pen by holding hands in a circle facing the center. Two players create a hole in the pen by dropping their hands. The jamaquacks gather in the middle of the pen, heads together and begin quacking and moving backward with their eyes closed, trying to find the way out. While the birds are trying to escape, those forming the circle do their best to jam the quacks back inside the pen by GENTLY knee-bumping them. Once outside the circle the jamaquacks can finally stand upright and open their eyes but they should keep quacking to let their species mated locate the hole.


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