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Locating Mesopotamia

This is the third article in the series of fun and thought-provoking lessons by Jane Smith. For more of her work see her homepage at At Home Learning. These lessons were written with sixth to twelfth graders in mind. The sites in these lessons will give you background in basic human communities.

copyright 2000 Haven Preparatory Academy and Jane Smith

Lesson 3: Locating Mesopotamia

Use the map at the web site below to answer the questions: http://www.emory.edu/CARLOS/ODYSSEY/NEAREAST/nemapppg.html

1. What are the names of the two rivers shown on the map?

2. What body of water is represented by the blue region containing the island of Cyprus?

3. What three large seas and one tiny sea are labelled on the map?

4. Of what body of water is the Persian Gulf a part? (Use a world map or a globe to answer).

5. What are the names of the three mountain ranges shown on the map?

6. What nation is separated from Mesopotamia by the Caucasus Mountains? (Use an atlas, world map, or globe to answer).

7. What two deserts are labeled on the map?

8. What modern-day nation is bordered at the north by the Mediterranean Sea, at the south by the Red Sea, and at the northeast by the Syrian Desert?

9. What three modern-day nations are labeled on the map?

copyright 2000 Haven Preparatory Academy and Jane Smith

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