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History/Geography of Mesopotamia

This is the fourth article in the series of fun and thought-provoking lessons by Jane Smith. For more of her work see her homepage at At Home Learning. These lessons were written with sixth to twelfth graders in mind. The sites in these lessons will give you background in basic human communities.

copyright 2000 Haven Preparatory Academy and Jane Smith

Lesson 4: Mesopotamia

Go to the link below to answer the questions: http://www.tcfg.com/feb99/netproj.html

1. ______________ settled in the fertile lands between the ___________ and ______________ rivers.

2. Mesopotamia is Greek for " _____________ ______________ ________ ____________ .

3. Mesopotamia is known as the "Cradle of Civilization" because it is where the first ___________ started, organized __________ began, and society was first governed by a written set of ______ .

Go to Mesopotmia

4. What does the gray region of the map represent?

5. Locate the cities of Ur, Susa, and Babylon on the map.

6. Locate Akkad and Asshur on the map.

7. Locate Haran and Gozan.

Baghdad, Iraq is the modern-day capital of the region that was once Mesopotamia.

Go to http://www.indo.com/distance

Put the name of your city and state in the "From" box. Put "Baghdad, Iraq" in the "To" box.

1. What is the location of your city in latitude and longitude?

2. What is the population of your city?

*3. What is "elevation" when used by geographers?
*Answer is not found at web site. Use an unabridged dictionary or go to AskJeeves on your computer.

4. What is the elevation of your city?

5. What is the location of Baghdad, Iraq in latitude and longitude?

6. How far is your city from Baghdad?

Click on the "see these places" link on the web page.

Locate Baghdad on the Arabian Peninsula near Africa. Follow the latitude line just below Baghdad directly west. What state on the East Coast of the United States shares the same latitude as Iraq?

Locate your city on the North American continent. Follow the latitude line that is north of your city all the way east until you come to the European continent. Use an atlas or globe to identify the country you reach. What country shares the same latitude as Ohio? Look up the name of the peninsula on which that country is located. What is it called?

Go to Iraq

1. What time is it in Iraq? What day/date is it?

2. What time is it in your city? What day/date is it?

3. Why is it a day later in Iraq?

Go to Iraq Weather

1. What is the average temperature in April in Baghdad?

2. What is the average high temperature there?

3. What is the average low temperature in Baghdad?

4. How much rain falls in Baghdad in April?

5. How windy is Baghdad?

6. What is the relative humidity there?

Repeat questions 1-6 for your city. Type your ZIP code into the "Forecast Locator" box.

How much warmer is Baghdad than your city?

How much more humid?

How much more windy?

copyright 2000 Haven Preparatory Academy and Jane Smith

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