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Daily Life in Mesopotamia

This is the fifth article in the series of fun and thought-provoking lessons by Jane Smith. For more of her work see her homepage at At Home Learning. These lessons were written with sixth to twelfth graders in mind. The sites in these lessons will give you background in basic human communities.

copyright 2000 Haven Preparatory Academy and Jane Smith

Lesson 5 - Daily Life in Mesopotamia

Ur, the capital city of Mesopotamia, had more than 200,000 people.

1. What is the current population of Washington, D.C.? Which city has(had) more people?

2. What is the current population of Columbus, OH (or your state capital)?

3. What is the current population of your city?

Go to http://www.taisei.co.jp/cg_e/ancient_world/ur/aur.html

4. What building stood at the center of Ur? Why was it so important?

5. What buildings are important in Washington, D.C.? Your state capital? Your city? Tell why each building you name is important.

Go to Sumer

1. What crops were grown in Ancient Sumer?

2. What crops are raised in or near your city?

3. What materials are used for building in Sumer? Your city?

4. Ur was known as the city of _____________ in the Old Testament (Genesis 11:31).

5. King ______________ brought the Babylonian Empire to its peak, and made the old Sumerian laws a more just system, called the ____________ _____ ______________ .

Click on the "Code of Hammurabi" link.

6. The code had ______ provisions to cover many aspects of Mesopotamian life. It is inscribed on a ________ __________ over two meters (6 feet) high.

7. Hammurabi believed he received these laws from the Babylonian sun god, Shamash.

In what other religions have persons received "laws" from their god or an agent of their god?

copyright 2000 Haven Preparatory Academy and Jane Smith

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