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Mesopotamia and Religion

This is the seventh article in the series of fun and thought-provoking lessons by Jane Smith. For more of her work see her homepage at At Home Learning. These lessons were written with sixth to twelfth graders in mind. The sites in these lessons will give you background in basic human communities.

copyright 2000 Haven Preparatory Academy and Jane Smith

Lesson 7: Mesopotamia and Religion

1. What did the Sumerians believe about their gods? Who were the three most important deities in the Sumerian religion?

2. What famous literary work comes from Mesopotamia?

3. What does this literary work have in common with the story of Noah in the Bible?

Go to Code of Hammurabi

What happens to a son who slaps his father?

Go to http://www.emory.edu/CARLOS/ODYSSEY/cunef.html

1. What is the name of the type of writing used in Sumer?

Go to Writing

2. Why did people begin writing?

3. Who was taught to write? Who was not taught?

4. How did students in Sumer learn to write? How did you learn to write?

5. What other group of people in history used the method by which Sumerians learned to write? (Hint: they produced beautiful, illuminated manuscripts after 600 A.D.)

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