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Little House on the Prairie:
Geography Activity

Geography is a subject that is often passed over and relegated to a few small paragraphs in many texts. Geography can actually help us to see the logic in things like immigration/emigration, population growth, origins of cultural components, etc. This is an entry level geography activity mapping many of the locations that are mentioned in the Little House on the Prairie books.

Get a map of the United States that shows the outlines of individual states. It can either be a blank map … one that doesn’t list city names and other geographic features … or it can be fully filled in.

First plot the following locations on the map:

Burr Oak, Iowa (where Grace is born)
Concord, Wisconsin (where Pa and Ma were married)
Cuba, New York (where “Pa” was born)
De Smet, South Dakota (where Laura and Almanzo are married)
Independence, Kansas (near where the Ingalls family lived when they were in Indian Territory)
Keystone, South Dakota (where the Swanzey’s lived and where Mary passed away)
Malone, New York (where Almanzo Wilder was born)
Mansfield, Missouri (location of Rocky Ridge Farm)
Milwaukee County, Wisconsin (where “Ma” was born)
Montgomery County, Kansas (where Carrie was born)
Pepin, Wisconsin (where Mary and Laura were born)
Rapid City, South Dakota (where Carrie married David Swanzey)
San Francisco, California (where Rose Wilder married Claire Lane)
Walnut Grove, Minnesota (location of “On the Bank of Plum Creek”)
Westville, Florida (Laura & Almanzo lived there for a year before moving to MO)


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