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Author Day

November 1st is Author Day. This would be a perfect opportunity to let your child(ren) explore their literary creativity and pen an original poem, story, comic, or study a particular genre or author.

Some of the activities that you can participate in are:

Introduce biographical information about an author.

Have students research the life of the author. Students should be encouraged to use a variety of resources including book reviews, newspaper and magazine articles, biographies, media kits, biographical information included in trade books, and resource people who know or have an interest in the author.

Students could also write to the author to request biographical information.

Have students compare/contrast the author's various books in the following areas:

Intended Audience

Use the literature study strategy to have groups of students examine selected titles by their chosen author.

Have students determine which of the author's selections are their favourites and give reasons for their choices.

Have students compare and contrast an author's earlier works to his or her later works.

Have students make a timeline of the author's personal and professional life.

Discuss how personal experiences are reflected in the author's work.

Students could write stories or poems using the author's style, pattern or themes.

Familiarize students with the format of a book review. Have students write reviews about the author's book(s).

Have students research how books are made and published.

Try and attend a book signing to actually meet a published author.


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