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Daniel Boone

Famous American explorer, Daniel Boone, was born on November 2nd in 1734. Here is a fun lesson for investigating his life.

From: http://earlyamerica.com/lives/boone/

”The publication of Daniel Boone's "Adventures" in 1784 served to immortalize Boone the frontiersman as an American legend and a true folk hero. Published by John Filson on Boone\'s 50th birthday, the narrative describes in Boone\'s own words his exploits in the Kentucky wilderness from May, 1769 to October of 1782. The Adventures of Col. Daniel Boone was subsequently published in The American Magazine in 1787 and again in a book by George Imlay in 1793. The latter publication is the source wherein we present the complete text. “

The website goes on to provide the first internet version of Daniel Boone’s adventures in his own words. This is a very interesting read, and fun to use with a study of Daniel Boone and his life.

Other biographical websites for Daniel Boone:

Questions to answer after you have read the information at the URL’s and/or in the books:

1. What year was Daniel Boone born in?

2. Where was he born?

3. What religion what his family at the time of his birth?

4. What were some of the family businesses that Daniel grew up learning about?

5. What kind of education did Daniel Boone have?

6. How old was Daniel Boone when he married and what was the name of his wife?

7. What year did Boone begin exploring Kentucky, then still a part of the colony of Virginia?

8. What was the name of the trail that Daniel Boone blaze through the Cumberland Gap?

9. Why did Daniel Boone lose his extensive land holdings in Kentucky?

10. Describe what Daniel Boone normally wore.

11. What famous book is a fictionalized account of one of Daniel Boone’s exploits?

12. What year did Daniel Boone die?

Answers to the above questions:

1. 1734
2. Daniel Boone was born near Reading, Pennsylvania.
3. Quakers
4. small farming, blacksmithing, weaving
5. very little formal education, mostly self-taught
6. Daniel Boone was 21 years old when he married 17 year old Rebecca Bryan.
7. 1767
8. the Wilderness Road
9. Daniel Boone lost his extensive land holdings in Kentucky because his claims hand not been filed properly.
10. Boone wore a fringed hunting shirt that came almost to his knees, and deerskin leggings and moccasins. He carried a tomahawk and knife in his belt. From leather straps over his should hung a powder horn and a pouch, filled with lead bullets and tow cloth patches for the long rifle he carried in his hand. His hair was long and tied in a queue (pigtail). His usual headgear was a black felt hat.
11. The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper
12. 1820


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