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Home Life: A Mini Unit

Good home life is a skill and something you work towards, not just something one has or does not have. Unfortunately there are some children and adults who do not have this. A good home life should be an integral part of everyone’s day. Here is a mini unit study to teach children some of the ways of developing a good home life.

1. Make something to show a family’s life story. Label important events in the family (birth, a move, marriage, etc.). Select two events and discuss how these changes affected the family.

2. Watch several television or movies about families. Look for the jobs each family member does, the way decisions are made, discussions between adults and children, the ways families share and help each member; and how they solved their problems. Talk about how the families were like or unlike families you know.

3. Switch home tasks with an adult at home. Take care of several home tasks usually done by an adult for at least one week. Invite an adult to take part in something you do, such as an extracurricular activity. Talk together about what each of you learned, what surprised you, what you enjoyed or disliked.

4. Get to know an older person well. Plan and do an activity together that you both enjoy.

5. Collect definitions of a homemaker. Do this with several people including some women and men and some girls and boys your own age. Discuss your own definition.

6. Do something extra special on several occasions for each person in your family without their knowledge.

7. Make a traditional holiday craft object from your own family’s heritage. Plan a way to tell others about this item.

8. Find out about several agencies that help families in the community. Find out about the people who work in these agencies, the kinds of help they give to families, the training and education they need, and their salary ranges.

9. Take a look at household tasks with family members. Talk about each person’s responsibilities and activities outside the home (jobs, school, hobbies, volunteer activities, etc.). Then list the tasks done at home and plan ways to cooperate and share to get the work done. Follow your plan at least for several weeks, revising it if necessary.

10. Make up a skit, short story, or picture story about family life 15 years from now. Include people you would like to be there and what each person might be doing.

11. Collect pictures and/or stories from newspapers and magazines that show how families spend their time and money. Include pictures of families from your own city or town and state and from different parts of your country and the world. Discuss what customs are like or unlike your family’s. Why do you think this is so?


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