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Sand Clay

When this clay dries, it resembles real rock. It is hard and grainy. Depending on the color of sand you use you can make different effects use white sand for a beach sandcastle. Use gray sand to create a granite look. Use yellow sand to look like sandstone. You can even add powdered tempera paint for some really outrageous colors. Lots of fun and full of creative potential!


1 cups of sand
1 teaspoon alum
cup of cornstarch
cup of boiling water
powdered tempera paint for color (optional)
stove or heating source
mixing spoon


1. Combine the sand, alum, and cornstarch in the pot.

2. Add the boiling water and powdered tempera (optional ingredient).

3. Heat at medium temperature until it thickens.

4. Cool and model the clay.

5. Air dry for several days.


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