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Tissue Paper Bead Clay

This clay is very easy to work with. The beads can be strung together. Use only one color tissue paper in each batch because water makes the dye run.


1 cups shredded tissue paper
1 cup boiling water
cup flour


1. Combine the tissue paper and boiling water.

2. Let stand for several hours.

3. Drain off the water.

4. Stir in the flour a bit at time. Towards the end you will probably have to knead the remaining flour in.

5. Mold the clay around a drinking straw or stick to make beads.

6. Let the beads dry.

7. Remove the straws or sticks and paint the beads if you would like.

8. You may also spray the beads with an acrylic gloss to make them a little more waterproof.


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