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Beet Dye

This is about the easiest of the natural red dyes to make. It only takes a couple of grocery store cans. This dye is reddish. The intensity of the red color will depend on the length of time you leave your fabric in the dye and the variety of beets used.


2 (15 ounce) cans of cooked beets*
container to collect dye
material to be dyed


1. Open the cans of beets and strain them.

2. Use the juice from the cans as the dye.

3. Let the material soak in the dye until the desired color intensity is reached.

*You can also used home canned beets if you choose. Even though Iíve tried using the juice from the home canned pickled beets, it doesnít work quite as well because the beet juice is diluted with vinegar and sugar.


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