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Basic Recycled Paper

This is a multi-day project. Kids love the mess and are amazed that they can actually make paper. Some of the results are quite beautiful and can be used for stationary or other craft projects.


warm water
old window screen or piece of screening
damp cloth


1. Tear the newspaper into pieces the size of quarters and put them in your bucket.

2. Add warm water to cover the paper and soak overnight in the bucket.

3. The next day, scoop one cup of the paper into the blender. Cover with water. Blend until pulpy.

4. Add more paper and blend again.

5. Pour this mess into a dishpan or bowl.

6. Repeat until your paper is all blended.

7. Pour your watery paper pulp onto the window screen or piece of screening.

8. Press it down to get rid of excess water and to distribute the material.

9. Flip the screen over onto the damp cloth. The recycled paper should fall onto the damp cloth.

10. Allow the paper to dry. Remove from the cloth.


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