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Homemade Colored Paper

This a very simple version of basic recycled paper. Its lots of fun because you are combining a natural dye activity and a homemade paper craft. The colors possibilities are as wide as your choice of natural dyes.


materials from Basic Recycled Paper
a natural dye*


1. Follow the directions for Basic Recycled Paper.

2. However, add the natural dye to the paper before it soaks overnight.

*Here are some recipes for natural dyes if you do not know how to make your own:

Onion Skin Dye
Cranberry Dye
Blueberry Dye
Purple Cabbage Dye
Spinach Dye
Beet Dye
Walnut Shell Dye
Marigold Dye
Mustard Dye
Coffee Dye
Tea Dye


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