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Epsom Salts Frost

Trying to illustrate a point about winter … in the middle of summer? Your area never get cold enough to frost things over? Here is a fun and nifty science experiment for making “frost.” Even better, its easy to clean up!

The liquid dishwashing detergent binds the Epsom salts to the glass but also allows for each cleaning.


1 cup Epsom salts (available at your local pharmacy)
1 ˝ cup water
3 T. liquid dishwashing detergent


1. Heat water to boiling.

2. Gradually add some of the Epsom salts and stir. Keep the solution boiling.

3. Add more Epsom salts and stir.

4. Repeat until the Epsom salts will no longer dissolve. This is called a super solution.

5. Remove container from heat.

6. Add the liquid dishwashing detergent and stir.

7. Let the mixture cool.

8. “Paint” the solution on a window or glass with a paintbrush. When the solution dries, needle-like fan patterns will appear that look just like frost on windows on a cold day.

To clean glass surface, wash with soap and water.


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