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Paper from Plants

Some of the earliest papers were made of plant fibers; for instance papyrus. This is a really cool project that the kids will love! The plant fibers add great texture and color to your homemade, recycled paper. After the paper is finished, its great for other craft projects and for unusual greeting cards.


Several cups of fibrous plant materials such as onion skins, dried corn stalks, celery stalks, day lily stems, iris leaves, pineapple stems, etc.

Basic Recycled Paper directions


1. Cut the plant fibers into pieces no longer that 2 inches.

2. Cover the fibers with water and boil until soft. It will take about one hour.

3. Strain the plant fiber and rinse with cold water.

4. Follow the directions for basic recycled paper, adding some of the fibrous plant material to the blender as you blend your soaked paper.


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