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Cream of Tartar Crystals

Cream of Tartar is one of the ingredients in baking powder. This is another fun “crystal recipe” that you can use to compare to other crystals – salt, sugar, borax, etc.


2/3 cup cream of tartar
1 cup water


1. Heat the water to boiling.

2. Gradually add some of the cream of tartar and stir, keeping the solution boiling.

3. Add more cream of tartar while stirring, repeating until the water can no longer absorb any more.

4. Pour your solution into a jar.

5. Tie a pipe cleaner (aka channel stem) that has been shaped (into a circle, star, etc.) onto a piece of string.

6. Suspend the shape into the cream of tartar solution, using a pencil across the mouth of the jar to hold the string.

7. Don’t let the shape touch the bottom or the sides of the jar.

In fairly short order, you should begin to see crystals forming on the pipe cleaner. These make really neat decorations for around the house, on Christmas trees, as mobiles, etc.


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