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Alum Crystals

Alum is normally used in pickling and for helping to cure mouth cankers. You can purchase it at your grocery store in the spice section.


2 ounces alum
1 cup water


1. Heat the water to boiling.

2. Gradually add some of the alum and stir. Keep the solution boiling.

3. Add more alum and stir. Repeat until the alum will no longer dissolve.

4. Remove from the heat source.

5. Pour the solution into a clean glass jar and let sit undisturbed for one day.

6. Next day, pour the solution left into a second clear glass jar. There should be several alum crystals already forming. Save these crystals.

7. Cut a piece of string longer than the height of the jar. Tie one end to a pencil or dowel. Tie the other end to one of the alum crystals that you sat aside..

8. Place the pencil over the top of the second jar, so that the string and crystal end dangle into the alum solution.

9. Put the jar in a place where it will be undisturbed and watch more crystals form.


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