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Aged Paper

This is a great project for making document replicas. Its just so simple if little ones can get in on the activity. Make replicas of the Constitution, old marriage licenses, old letters or land records, old diary entry, sea captainís log, make scrolls Ö the potential is only as limited as your imagination.


your paper*
2 cups of fairly hot coffee or tea


1. Pour the hot coffee or tea into a large bowl.

2. Crumple your paper item by wadding it into a ball.

3. Submerge the paper into the liquid.

4. Let stand until the liquid is cool.

5. Remove your paper from the liquid and let it dry. You can hang it up or lay it on layers of old newspaper.

*This can be any of the items described in the entry, but treasure maps, letters, etc. You can even use your own piece of recycled paper for this activity.


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